Sunday, 13 November 2011

Get highest quality Twin disk clutches for water well drilling services!

Clutchco International Inc. is one of the leading factory that is authorized oilfield distributor and rebuild center facilitates comprehensive range of oilfield clutches and oilfield brakes at the best rates. We have more than 60 years of combined experience enable us to provide finest quality oilfield clutches and brakes for domestic and international requirements. We utilize on-site machine shop and tear down/assembly shop to furnish top notch services to the customers.  The oilfield always have tough environment that usually need tough people and tough equipment to accomplish the construction and upgrading tasks.  

We provide finest quality oilfield clutches and oilfield brakes as it’s an integral part of oil ring. We offer the inclusive product line of OEM and OEM replacement clutches and brakes to manufacture emsco parts, ideco parts, Gardner Denver parts, eaton airflex, franks cabot parts and others.  Nowadays brakes and clutches are indispensible components and high-tech industrial equipment utilizes in food and beverage processing, apparel and textile industry, material management and treatment, automotive process equipment and in rolling applications. We provide top notch product range that come with excellent warranty and gone through rigorous inspection before delivery to customers.

Our entire product collection is specifically designed to suit your specific requirements. We offer wide range of twin disk clutches that is inclusively designed and engineered by our skilled technicians.  It’s extensively utilize by professionals of drilling rigs, draw works, rock crushers, tractor winches, pipe-extruding machine, pug mills and other industrial equipments. You can get it in double plate, single plate and triple plate construction as well according to the requirement.  Our sophisticated twin disk clutches are user friendly and lowers the cost of installation and operation. 

We offer full range of diversity in our entire product collections.  We provide good quality drawworks parts that is widely utilize for drilling specifically tripping and tripping out functions. This equipment is used to administer downhole calamity, begin the escaping and makeup of rotary table and other support processing. It is generally fixed with roller bearing and alloy steel shaft that chained and lubricated under pressure. Drawworks parts also include sprocket teeth contours hardened with standard frequency induction. So trust our expertise to get superior quality product and services at the cheapest rates. To get more info about our product ranges visit us at

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